Wulura Wins Gold

It is always nice to get some recognition for your effort so we at Wulura would like to take the opportunity to share with you, our customers, a couple of accolades that have come our way over the last few of weeks.Last Sunday in the Sunday Times STM magazine Gail Williams reviewed Wills Domain restaurant. Apart from the fact that Ms Williams raved about Wills Domain and their team she also made two very pleasing references to Wulura Corregiola EVOO. Firstly Gail described the Wulura EVOO as being “one of the best I had ever dipped bread into” and then followed up further into the piece by saying when complimenting  the restaurant that “they had me at the Wulura evoo”

Will’s Domain have been great supporters of our oil for some time and we would also like to take this opportunity to thank Brad and Liz for their support and the great exposure that they give us with the way they present our olive oil to their customers.We also supply the Bill Grangers restaurant in Japan with the same Wulura Corregiolla. The importing company entered our oil in the Japan International Olive Oil Challenge. This event attracted thousands of entries from all over the world and Wulura won GOLD !!!
For those of you who would like to read the critique, you can get the full article by clicking here. If you would like to order some of our wonderful product, you can download the ORDER FORM HERE. Also don’t forget our special on the wines until the 15thof June or while stocks last.Have a great day,Kind Regards,

Jenny Harnett

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